Gamma UnderGround Rules

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Gamma UnderGround Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:37 pm

We are the Gamma UnderGround. Teamwork gives us strength. Join us, unite, & Conquer. 

This set of rules is being set in place to strengthen our wonderful alliance. 

1. Everyone has a life this is just a game!
2. Be active daily in alliance events......if you are going to be inactive for any period of time message an officer and the leader and let them know in advance. Also post in the group forum that you will be off and date of return. 
3. New members must be level 30 or higher.
4. New members must be above 15,000 rating.

Event rules
1. Putting up low points just get rewards is unacceptable. You must pull your weight in this alliance. 
2. When a 3 day rank up or crystal event starts don't come out of the gate blazing. Open one low rated crystal or rank up a 2 star and hold the rest for that night. Most of us work and would like to receive all the rewards. 
3. 1 day rank up event - rank up 1 and 2 stars only. If we do not max out the event from that an officer will decide if more needs to be done. If we max out the event before you get a chance to rank up your 1 and 2 stars save them for the 3 day rank up event. If the event is maxed out it is up to YOU to check our score to make sure our score is not maxed out. 
4. 3 day rank up event - be slow out of the gate. But rank up as much as you can. Grind on quest to get more iso8 and catalyst. Allways work daily events so you have plenty of catalyst when the event comes.
5. Crystal rush (1 day event) - open only the free 4 hour crystals, quest crystals, & versus. If we do not meet the max rewards at that point an officer will decide what action needs to take place. If we do not max out the rewards for this event it is not a big deal the rewards are terrible. If we max out the event before you open your crystals save them for the 3 day event. Check our points before you open your crystals to make sure we don't go over the max points. It is up to YOU to do this.
6. Duplicate event - Open only Daily and 2 star crystals. If you are fortunate enough to win a 3 or 4 star champion in the arena and it will be a duplicate for you. Do not claim it until the dupes event. Again if you notice we have maxed out the rewards don't open any crystals. If we do not max out the rewards an officer will decide what action will be taken. Again rewards for this event is not that great.
7. Crystal Crush (3 day event) - Be slow out of the gate. But open them all! Work on unfinished quest to get unclaimed crystals and/or arena to earn alliance crystals.

Promotions, demotions, & elliminations are based on alliance activity. 

Failure to follow the above rules could result in you being kicked. 

Please Comment below the you have read and understand these rules.


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